What are the common maintenance problems?

Here are the five most common maintenance management problems: unexpected failure. When an organization doesn't use any type of software, it simply runs its machines until they fail.

What are the common maintenance problems?

Here are the five most common maintenance management problems: unexpected failure. When an organization doesn't use any type of software, it simply runs its machines until they fail. So, using our data, we compiled a list of the 10 most common maintenance issues you can expect to encounter as a property manager. Whether you're managing single-family homes or multi-family units, such as apartments, you're likely to experience at least one of these common building maintenance problems.

Have you already recognized a trend? Of the 10 most common maintenance problems, five are related to water. Plumbing can be annoying and, in most cases, it's not a DIY job. That means getting quotes, coordinating residents' and contractors' schedules, resolving problems, confirming that work has been completed, and following up with residents. We get tired just reading that.

Is your asset technology holding you back? Take our 5-minute assessment to get a free personalized report. Not surprisingly, a popular FacilitiesNet survey found that the top job concerns among facility maintenance managers are resource scarcity and increased workloads, closely followed by reduced budgets and staff. In short, maintenance managers face constant pressure to do more with less. One of the most important tasks of a maintenance manager is to keep costs under control.

Companies typically spend between 5 and 10% of their annual budget on maintenance. Unfortunately, poor maintenance management can lead companies to spend more than they should to keep their equipment running. When it comes to requests and work orders, a scarcity of resources makes it difficult to perform essential maintenance work. How can a team perform routine maintenance when the only tools available are in another workplace? How can a technician complete their work when replacement parts are not in stock? Perhaps the most important thing is, what are staff who work by the hour supposed to do when a lack of materials is the only thing preventing them from doing their jobs? Challenge: The pressure to reduce costs (or at least keep them under control) is one of the main reasons why resource and labor shortages are so common.

One of the maintenance manager's responsibilities is to strike the delicate balance between spending too much on maintenance and spending enough to avoid breakdowns that cost their companies even more. Sometimes it's a seemingly impossible task. With this question in mind, perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by maintenance managers is collecting and using data. Based on manufacturer recommendations, historical maintenance data and information from veteran personnel, you can implement a variety of maintenance triggers based on time and use.

Maybe inspect trucks every 5,000 miles or shut down a production line for maintenance every 100 runs. Challenge: From preventive maintenance software to inventory automation and centralized work order management, there are many strategies that facility maintenance managers can use to do more with less. Therefore, maintenance teams waste time doing unnecessary work, which can also increase the likelihood of future problems, since unnecessary and intrusive maintenance can cause equipment malfunctions. Keeping your maintenance budget under control is a difficult task, but by simplifying and streamlining maintenance tasks, you can quickly control your costs and keep your budget where it's supposed to be.

The best way to get your maintenance operations up and running is with maintenance management software as part of an enterprise asset management solution such as ManagerPlus. Managers often delay or even cancel proper scheduled maintenance because they may be reluctant to leave equipment out of service for maintenance in order to keep operations running. Managers often view the maintenance of each piece of equipment as a separate object with different maintenance strategies. The generation of workers who entered the workforce grew up using technology, so if they see that you're using outdated processes to manage your maintenance work, they might want to work for another company that uses maintenance management software.

One of the most common signs of poor maintenance management is to rely too much or even entirely on reactive maintenance to keep assets in line. . .

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